The Honeybee Homes Hive

Meet our Honeybee Homes Hive! We take immense pride in our dedication and passion for crafting remarkable real estate solutions. With a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable development, we work tirelessly to bring visions to life. Get to know the talented individuals behind our success and discover how our collective expertise transforms possibilities into realities.

Mimi Fei: Founder and CEO

Mimi | Founder & CEO

Mimi has a background in finance and a subsequent education in construction and building. Her career has seamlessly blended the worlds of financing and construction making her a true “jill of all trades.”

Mimi’s expertise spans deal acquisitions, financing, construction management, and interior finishes. Her superpower lies in finding creative solutions that harmonize value and aesthetics, all while appreciating the significance of building science. With Mimi on board, you can trust that your project will benefit from a unique blend of financial acumen, construction knowledge, and an eye for design, ensuring both practicality and beauty.

Meet Alejandra: Business Development

Alejandra | Business Development

Having restored a heritage building in her twenties, Alejandra is no stranger to construction. She later operated her own high end furnishing business from her building and the rest is history. With a rich background in business, Alejandra brings an added layer of depth to Honeybee Homes.

Alejandra is passionate about creating beauty and ensuring that every product meets the highest standards of excellence. Her focus extends beyond the final product to ensure a streamlined and stress-free customer experience from the beginning. With Alejandra on our team, you can expect a perfect blend of aesthetics, quality, and customer satisfaction in every project.

Image of Roz Honeybee Homes Account Manager

Roz | Account Manager

Roz brings a proven history of account management and administration to the Honeybee Homes team. Her keen eye for detail and excellent grasp of long-term goals help to ensure the smooth flow of financial systems and accurate record-keeping for every project. With a strong background in clerical coordination, account services, and customer service, Roz delivers a high level of problem-solving strengthened by valuable interpersonal skills. As an Accounting Manager, her abilities to easily navigate complexities and communicate transparently are reflected directly in the superior quality of her work.

Image of Fernando: The senior project manager

Fernando | Senior Project Manager

Fernando holds a diverse blend of hands-on experience and a solid educational background. His journey includes certifying building materials, consulting in framing methods worldwide, and successfully managing multiple large institutional developments.

Fernando approaches construction management with a unique blend of creativity and methodical precision. His ability to problem-solve and think outside the box sets him apart from the crowd. With Fernando on board, every project benefits from his energy and innovative mindset, ensuring a fresh perspective and excellence in execution.

Image of Lillith Honeybee Homes Project manager

Lillith | Project Manager

Lillith is a passionate coordinator that specializes in seeing projects through from conception to completion. She brings with her years of entrepreneurial experience and a creative approach to problem solving that always leaves space for new innovations in the industry. With a proven background in client care, marketing, and project management, Lillith adds a high level of organization to the Honeybee Team while maintaining open lines of communication and consistent positivity.

Image of Kim Honeybee Homes Marking Manager

Kimberley | Marketing

Kimberley is an experienced office management and administrative professional with a strong background in client care and resource coordination. As an Executive Assistant at Honeybee Development, Kimberley excels in supporting senior executives and cross-functional teams. With her positive attitude, exceptional communication skills, and proficiency in various software tools, Kimberley ensures smooth operations and contributes to the success of the team. Her dedication to providing excellent administrative support makes her an invaluable asset to the organization.