Who We Are

Honeybee Homes is an impact-driven, women-owned and operated company dedicated to crafting architectural visions while empowering diverse communities. We bridge the gap between project aspirations and construction realities through transparent management processes, equitable pricing, and a commitment to sustainable practices.

Our ambition extends beyond construction. We strive to erect an unshakable foundation that elevates women in the skilled trades, creating opportunities for growth and leadership. Our hive is a testament to the power of diversity, quality craftsmanship, and unwavering resilience.

At Honeybee Homes, we build more than homes - we construct a durable legacy.

Our Start

Invest, Develop, Inspire

Mimi Fei founded Honeybee Development Group Ltd. when she was on the quest to build her own family home. She saw a need for owners, like herself to have access to someone who not only understands the technical side of building, but also is able to assist with the planning, budgeting and design management of the project.

Coming from a finance background, Mimi is able to give owners a different perspective on the overall wealth building component of real estate in addition to the technical details required to develop a property. She started out this venture as a safe space to educate and consult on everything construction and real estate related.

She has never looked back.

why choose us

Crafting Visions, Building Communities

Like the Honeybee, our team diligently works in collaboration bringing dreams to life. We nurture project ecosystems, striking a delicate balance between budgets, timelines, and scopes to ensure successes for all stakeholders and our hive at large.

Our team brings seasoned expertise to every project. Click here to Meet our Honeybee Homes Hive!

Clear concise project management process: Our streamlined approach ensures efficient and effective project delivery. 

Our practices reflect our dedication to both people and the planet.

We adhere steadfastly to our principles, guiding our actions and decisions.

We prioritize open dialogue and honesty in all our interactions.

Our industry-recognized accreditations underscore our dedication to excellence, while glowing client testimonials affirm our reliability and effectiveness, reinforcing our status as a trusted partner for your needs.


The Honeybee Journey

Experience our seamless construction journey. We assess your needs, plan pre-construction meticulously, oversee every detail during construction with transparency, ensure quality assurance, conduct thorough walkthroughs, and provide comprehensive documentation for a smooth transition to your revamped space.

our core values

the heart of the hive

Our core values at Honeybee Homes drive every aspect of our business, and are fostered by every member of our Hive!

do the right thing

Dedicated to always doing what’s right, we hold ourselves accountable and steadfastly uphold our commitments.

open communication

We embrace transparency, communicating directly and candidly with an emphasis on solutions with kindness.

excellence in all we do

We strive for continued growth in excellence. As we aspire to be the best in every aspect of what we do, we embrace new knowledge and innovations to constantly improve.

Create Abundance

Dedicated to creating abundance for all, we continually work to enhance the quality of life and create value for all stakeholders throughout every endeavor.
HoneyBee Homes Inc. BBB Business Review

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